About Us

The Founders

SHIVA’S FARM (Meadows Farm and Animal Sanctuary) was created by our charity Shiva Trust, Founder Ramana. The Farm is based on the idea of Social Farming – which is the practice of offering family farms and smallholdings as a form of social service to the wider community. The farm remains a typical working farm (we are a growers farm, we grow trees); where people in need of support can benefit from participation in the farm’s activities. It also reconnects farms with their local communities.

Our current projects we are working on are :

  • 1. The Environment,
  • 2. Natural Habitats,
  • 3. Rescued Animals,
  • 4. Employment and Life Skills for Young People and
  • 5. Conservation for Wildlife.

Our Farm provides sanctuary for rescued animals, natural habitats for wildlife, and space for our environment projects. It’s also a wonderful safe environment, and an amazing support for our staff, and volunteers to get more involved with nature and develop their physical and mental fitness.

A study by the University of Derby with a recent analysis of a large-scale nature challenge scientifically shows how important feeling part of nature is to our physical and mental health.

We Need Your Help!

Its a big idea with great challenges; and we know we cannot do it alone. We have come this far, and yet still there is so much more we can do. With your help we can achieve greater still.

Together Everyone Achieves More!