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Natural Ecology Education

Natural Ecology Education is the study of our interactions with Water, the land, nature, animals and our environment as they co exist with us. Through the development of self awareness we can establish our own relationships with these organisms. We cannot exist seperately from them; all our actions impact everything around us. Natural Ecology is the knowledge and understanding that everything in this world is intimately interconnected.

Experience Natural Ecology
on the Farm:

Study Ahimsa - Non-violence

Our Natural Ecology Education programme (Ahimsa) is based on Universal values. It is designed for adults, children and young people. You will learn about your relationship with yourselves; and with the world all around you. The Universal values used throughout the programme are values that apply to all types of human beings, regardless of their social, ethnic or cultural origin. A value is considered universal when it goes beyond laws and beliefs; rather, it is considered to have the same meaning for all people and does not vary according to the societies.

The foundation of the educational programme is Ahimsa or Non-violence, which applies to all aspects of our lives, from the physical to the mental and emotional. Non-violence is defined by honest compassion, non-violence and true love.

Become a teacher

We have taught our Natural Ecology Educational programme worldwide. It has received endorsement from the National Open College UK. A legal license can now be purchased which entitles you to teach it to children and adults.