Our Horses

About Lotus

Lotus is a bay rescued thoroughbred race horse and the very first animal recused at the sanctuary. She is a gentle, loving soul and loves being outside grazing with the other horses.

About Tejah

TJ loves having treats like apples, carrots and oats. He has a load of friends and is the life of the party, all his friends call him TJ. He is an amazing runner and like to run in the fields with is son Sage.

About Sage

Sages mom is called Smokie and his dad is Tejah, he is at that stage in life when he want to be seen as a man, and stay close to his dad’s side, he is very playful and love playing with all his friends at the sanctuary.

Sponsor a Horse!

Sponsoring one of our animals is one of the best ways you can help, providing them with shelter, warmth, food, medical care and the love they need…

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