Our Cats

About Ekani

She loves to go on adventures in the fields and play outside all day, but not when it is raining. George is her best friend they do everything together. She is a bit shy but love to learn new things, finding new places to explore and friends to play with.

About Eevee

She might look like tiny little kitten but Eevee is actually a fully-grown cat! That doesn’t mean she doesn’t still like to play though, she loves running around with all her cat pals. When she is not running she like to sunbathe in the flower garden, she can sleep almost anywhere. 

About Prema

Prema loves cuddles, eating with her friends and sleeping in strange places. She loves to sleep all day, and is one of our retired residents at the sanctuary. Cuddles and treat are the way to Prema’s heart.

About George

George is a chocolate British shorthaired and loves attention. He is gentle and loves cuddles, his best friend is Ekani and he loves to go on adventures and meet new friends. He loves it when the sun is out and he can have a sun bath.

Sponsor a Cat!

Sponsoring one of our animals is one of the best ways you can help, providing them with shelter, warmth, food, medical care and the love they need…

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